Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Prayer - Josh Jost

Im thankful that over the years my prayer life has grown. One thing that i have started doing more recently in my prayer life has been going on prayer walks in my neighborhood. I find that walking around my neighborhood praying for our community to know Jesus and to keep our neighborhood safe has grown me in my walk with Christ. 
 I also have noticeably become more reliant upon God before going into hard situations. If I have to have a hard conversation with a student or and individual I will pray 30 minutes before that meeting occurs. 
 Prayer has also been a huge part of Rachel’s and I’s routine before we go to bed. Every night we go to bed at the same time so that we can talk not only to each other but it gives us a chance to pray every night together. Through this we have seen God work in some really cool ways and seen prayer answered. 
 As of lately I have begun to at least make a mental checklist of all the prayers that God has answered in my life. I would eventually like to write them down so that I can see how God has been active in my prayer life.