Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kids Who Pray - Kerryn

How can we equip kids to pray? Remind our kids they can pray at anytime for anything big or small. No matter if a child is dealing with his parents' divorce or is sad because he has to wait his turn to play on the swing, kids face battles both big and small.  As parents and those who serve kids in the church, you can equip kids to fight those battles wisely through prayer. Teaching kids the spiritual discipline of prayer can feel daunting, and many parents do not feel capable of teaching their kids somethings that they also find to be a struggle.

#1 Model Daily prayer.
When our children see us pray this is a great example for them. They will see it is important  to us and will be important to them

#2 Pray for God to do big things:
Our God is a great big God and he can do all things. He can heal the sickest of sick and help the most helpless. Praise God for His power and rely on Him to work.

#3 Pray for God to do small things, too.
Being afraid of the dark or not being able to find a favorite toy might seem big to some kids, but we know in the grand scheme of things, it's s small thing.  Make sure to pray for the small things. Never tell a kid their prayer request isn't worth praying for.  All things are worth taking to the Lord, and the bible says that He cares for all our concerns.

#4 Talk about what it means to pray without ceasing.
This is a verse we like to throw around sometime without a lot of explanation, but for kid's concrete mind, this sounds like never opening our eyes and having a really bad crick in our necks from bowing our heads for so long.  Help kids understand that God wants us to talk to Him like we would a good friend throughout the day.

#5 Start Now!
Don't feel defeated if you haven't been praying with your children each day. Each day is new and there's no better day to start than today! Don't worrk about teaching your children perfectly. Ask God to help you and your children better understand prayer. He is faithful!

---By Mary Wiley (Kids Ministry 101)